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The Neeralta Grain Bagging System is the pinnacle of efficiency and ease of use. With many industry-firsts in grain bagging, Neeralta continues to lead the industry in innovation and reliability.

Neeralta is committed to promoting the responsible use and recycling of agricultural plastics. Fast and simple handling of the grain bag has been integrated into every aspect of the system. The advanced hydraulic system on the Loader, allows for a quick and efficient bag-loading process. The Unloader features the patented Bag Baler that eliminates end-of-bag cleanup by winding the bag into a recycle-ready bale. When the extraction process is complete, hydraulically unload the bale and it’s ready to go. Bag handling and recycling couldn’t be easier or more reliable.

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Grain Bag Loader

The Grain Bag Loader provides innovations in reliability and ease-of-use that are unequalled by anything else in the field.

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Grain Bag Extractor

The revolutionary design of the Neeralta Extractor offers an entirely new level of efficiency and simplicity.

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Grain Bags

We always have an ample supply of grain bags available for pickup or delivery.

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Benefits of Grain Bagging

There are many advantages to this unique and flexible approach to grain storage and handling. As an industry leader in grain bagging, Neeralta explores the advantages of this process and the areas in which you may benefit from the practice.

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science and history of grain bagging

Rented land If rented land does not have storage space on it the grain bagger is a good option. It provides storage on site without needing to invest in permanent storage on land that belongs to someone else.
Not enough help on the farm Having the ability to bag in the field reduces the required help since trucking the grain to the yard isn’t required. This is especially helpful if the field is a further distance from the yard.
Transport cost savings In the event that the elevator is closer to the land than to your bin yard, you can bag the grain in the field and ship directly from the field to market. This greatly reduces your annual transport costs.
Don’t currently have enough storage capability Instead of putting up additional grain bins, a grain bagger can be used to add infinite storage to the farming operation.
Current market price is low Having the ability to add more storage easily will enable you to play the commodity markets.
Harvest higher moisture crops Grain bagging has the advantage of letting you harvest grain that is higher moisture than would normally be harvested. This lets you get into the field earlier and stay out there longer.

Industry Firsts by Neeralta

By setting higher goals and relentlessly developing new and innovative features, Neeralta has continued to redefine the standards of high-performance grain bagging.

Telescopic Swing Auger

First Grain Bag Loader to have an on-board, telescopic swing-auger.

Integrated Bag Baler

First Grain Bag Unloader with an integrated and patented bag baler for fast and simple clean up and bag recycling.

Grain Sample Port

First Grain Bag Loader to have a grain sampler. For quick and easy grain sampling while using the hopper or swing auger.

500' Bags

First Grain Bag Loader with the capacity to accommodate grain bags up to 500’ long.

Extraction Flexibility

First Grain Bag Unloader with the optional ability to extract from 9’, 10’ or 12’ grain bags.

Variable Tunnel Width

First Grain Bag Loader with variable tunnel width for loading bags from 10' - 12' in diameter. Designed and patented by Neeralta, this feature also has the benefit of enabling a 12' grain bagger to be much narrower for transport.

What our customers are saying about us

Neeralta Grain Storage System

Think outside the bin

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